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Skillit Worker Skill Assessments
Skillit Worker Skill Assessments

All about how Skillit's online assessments function as leading indicators of skill.

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1. Skillit Assessments and How to Take Them

Skillit Assessments are organized by trade and skill level (e.g. Journeyman Electrician Assessment). They are available from the Worker Dashboard, where you can also see which Assessments you've previously completed.

Click Start Assessment, and you'll be able to select from the available Assessments which you've not yet taken. Most are 30-40 multiple choice questions.

Skillit Assessments are designed on the principle that knowledge can be used as a leading indicator of skill.

We've found that certain pieces of knowledge can be highly indicative of actual skill and experience. Though they are certainly not a substitute for actual on-site performance, they can be a valuable signal to construction staffing teams when filtering candidates and deciding whom to interview.

2. How Skillit Assessments are Scored and Displayed

Questions in Skillit assessments are multiple choice, and can be either right or wrong. The total number of questions answered correctly determines the worker's overall score.

Your assessment score is displayed on your profile as a percentile, which compares it to all others who have taken the same assessment. When an employer looks at your profile, it will say for example "Performed better than 85% of 128 workers who took this assessment in your state."

Assessment scores are shown to employers relative to other workers in your state who have taken the same Assessment.

To control whether your Assessment scores are shown to potential employers on Skillit, Click on Profile in the left hand navigation, then Edit Public Profile, then use the toggle to make your selection.



3. Available Assessments

From your Worker Dashboard, clicking Start Assessment will open a list of available assessments to take.

At present, Skillit offers the following Assessments, denoted with a ✅. Others are coming soon, and many more will be added in the future. All Assessments will soon be available in both Spanish and English.



(as of 1/25/24)


Carpenter Foreman (Commercial)

Concrete Finisher

Drywall / Ceiling Tile Installer

Electrician (Apprentice)

Coming soon

Electrician (Journeyman)

General Laborer

Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy Equipment Operator - Paving / Surfacing

Coming soon

Heavy Equipment Operator - Pile Driver

Coming soon



Coming soon


Coming soon



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