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Skilled Workers: Tips for Getting Hired
Skilled Workers: Tips for Getting Hired
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When you're contacted by an employer, respond as soon as you can.

Your Community partner will send reminders throughout the week to help keep this top of mind for you. However, generally, recruiters are busy and are trying to fill open roles as quickly as possible, so responding promptly is key. Even if you're happy with your current role, it never hurts to respond promptly and put your best foot forward - it could be an opportunity you'll get excited about. Additionally, the same recruiter might have something else in the future that interests you, so building this relationship now is a great way to start the conversation.

Think you might have missed a message? Check your inbox now!

Keep your contact info updated.

This might be the most important thing you can do. If your phone number or email changes, then you'll never know when employers reach out to you! You can always update your contact information by logging into Skillit.

Even if you're happy with your current job, stay on Skillit and keep your profile updated.

Think of Skillit as your digital resume: The more you add to your work experiences and skillset, the more likely top companies are to reach out to you about new and exciting opportunities.

We recommend that you always keep your profile live and up-to-date so you’re able to see openings as time goes on. That way, if a company is interested in you, they can always reach out to you to explore the possibility of starting a new job.

If I am looking for a new job, how do I indicate that on my profile?

If you are new to Skillit, employers will be able to sort their search results so you’ll be at the top of the list. We also recommend that those workers who are actively looking for new opportunities indicate it on their profiles in the ‘About Me’ section.

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