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Skilled Workers: Getting Started
Skilled Workers: Getting Started
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What Skilled Workers Can Expect From Skillit

Skillit is a two-sided online marketplace that connects skilled tradespeople with top construction companies across the United States. We're not your typical job board or recruiter. We partner directly with employers to identify and match them with vetted skilled trade professionals like you for their open roles.

The key is your Skillit profile. We've designed these profiles to be detailed and robust, allowing you to showcase your specialized skills, certifications, experience, work preferences, and more. Once your profile is live, it can be shared with companies looking to hire skilled workers like you.

Companies review these detailed profiles and reach out directly to skilled workers they're interested in, so completing your profile is crucial to getting noticed and connecting with employers aligned with your trade expertise.

At Skillit, we aim to be your go-to resource as you grow your skilled trade career. Our goal is to highlight your skills and facilitate exciting new job opportunities from leading firms. We're passionate about helping tradespeople get discovered for roles that are the perfect fit.

Signing Up and Creating Your Profile

Skilled workers can sign up for Skillit for free by clicking here.

Our sign-up process is detailed by design. Our goal is to optimize your chances of landing the best job possible. To do that, we need to gather all the relevant information about you, including your work history, the duration of your past roles, and, most importantly, your specific skills. Please fill out as much as you can. However, you will also have the opportunity to expand and complete your profile later.

In the future, you'll always be able to access your account by logging in.

Taking Assessments

Skillit Assessments were created to provide employers a way to gauge the qualifications of a skilled worker. They increase your chances of getting a Connection request, so we recommend taking as many relevant assessments as possible. Statistically, skilled workers who complete at least one assessment are more likely to be contacted by potential employers.

💡 You decide whether or not you want employers to view your assessment results. Learn more about that here.

Skillit Assessments are organized by trade and skill level (e.g. ‘Journeyman Electrician Assessment’). They are available in the Worker Dashboard, where you can also see which assessments you've previously completed.

Click 'Start Assessment' to select from the available assessments you haven’t taken yet. Most assessments consist of 30-40 multiple-choice questions, so we recommend setting aside at least 1 hour to complete them.

Optimizing Your Profile for Success

Our goal is to help you get access to the best opportunities possible. To help the screening process for future employers, take time to complete your profile by following the action steps below.

Click on the 'Complete Profile' button to get started.

Profile Optimization Checklist:

  1. Upload a Profile Picture: Adding a human face to your profile makes a big difference! Simply click the '+' icon on the picture and follow the prompts.

  2. Fill out the ‘About Me’ section: Employers appreciate hearing about you in your own words, including your experience and what you’re looking for in your next opportunity. Click the pencil icon to begin editing:

    (Below is an example of a skilled worker's 'About Me' section of their profile)

  3. Review your Work Experience: People often leave out details when signing up, so the more information you provide, the better! Click the pencilicon to begin editing:

  4. Confirm that your Contact information and Basic Info are correct: Click the pencilicon to begin editing:

  5. Confirm that your Work Preferences are correct - Click the pencilicon to begin editing:

  6. Confirm that your Skills & Qualifications are correct - Click the pencilicon to begin editing:

  7. Upload a resume if you have one: Even though your Skillit profile has most of the same information, many recruiters and construction staffing teams like to download a resume that you made yourself. Just click ‘Add Resume’ and follow the prompts:

Other Good Stuff

What's better than a photo? A video! Uploading an intro video can be a great way to get noticed. Just click ‘Add My Video’ and follow the prompts:

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