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Employers: Getting Started
Employers: Getting Started

How to create your account and set up your first construction staffing searches.

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1. Creating an Employer Account

With a Skillit subscription, it's easy to create your Skillit employer account and start browsing workers immediately. Log in and start right away, or click the link in your welcome email to return to

2. Setting Up Your First Worker Search

After signing up you'll be asked to enter the locations where you need workers. You can always add more later so one is enough to get started. Just start typing the address and select the appropriate match from the list. You can always create more later.

Next, you'll need to select the trades you're looking for. Select as many as apply to your search. You can learn more about the trades Skillit supports and how we taxonimize workers here.

If we currently support your needed trade and region, you'll be put right into an initial view of matching workers. If we do not support your need yet, we'll let you know.

We only bring specific trades online in specific areas when we have a minimum level of worker supply and quality to satisfy customer demand. The good news is that we're adding workers all the time, and we will let you know when these workers become available.

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